Tatsuha Uesugi (pervy_fanboy) wrote,
Tatsuha Uesugi

Signs You've Been Hanging Around iwantnewworld too much...

+You're always in character...including IRL
+You wince and think sadly of Hiroshi whenever you scratch an itch on your wrist
+You've told your real life friends about IWNW
+You know people, in real life, from IWNW
+You now really, really, really, really, wanna try Red Bull
+...and followed through
+...and then ran around the current location, screaming "I'M NOT A VAMPIRE! WHY THE HELL DID I JUST GET SERVED BLOOD?!"
+You've learned well never to drink while on meds
+And that Red Bull and badly-cooked Ramen are a bad mix.
+You never play Twister after the latter combination of "nutrition"
+You think it would be funny if My Chemical Romance and MC Hammer did a duet, FT. Frank Oz and/or Hayden Christensen
+You're reading this, and getting all of the jokes
+You wrote this
+You comment, adding onto the list with your own ideas after reading
+Tissue Boxes are now hilarious to you
+You start crying whenever you see a Toaster
+You carry around a kazoo, always ready to whip it out and play a Funeral (or the Imperial) March because you want to be prepared; because you never know when you might see a Toaster and you want to show respect
+When you are down, you just remind yourself that K-san loves you. ^^
+You sincerely hope Puffy the cat will get well soon...
+You ponder for some time, every day just why cars hate Shu-chan...
+You take photos of Gravi cosplayers just to show em to the people in the community
+You constantly wonder when Fujisaki will put his pants on
+You now have the urge to watch as many Tom Cruise movies as possible

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