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oh god, Tats-chan. ANOTHER ONE?!

001] Using band names, spell out your username:
Pink Floyd
Elton John
Robert Plant
Vanilla Ice
Frankie Goes To Hollywood (Relax = phuken best song ever)
ASK (they suck ass but they are a band...)
Nittle Grasper (HELLO?!)
Bad Luck (see above comment)
Ozzy Ozbourne
Yankovic, Weird Al. HA!
[OOC: I figure for western bands, an average Japanese would have only heard of *really* big and famous and wekk-known musicians, hence all of the older bands]

[002] Have you ever had a song written about you? I wish Ryu-chan would write about about me ;_;
[003] What song makes you cry? "Be There" by Nittle Grasper. So Emo...[like the entire rp!]
[004] What song makes you happy? Anything by Grasper!! :D
[005] What do you like to listen to before bed? .....eheheheheheheheheh. ;)


[006] Height: 180 cm
[007] Hair Color: Black
[008] Skin Color: pale. -_- F*ck you I am NOT A VAMPIRE!
[009] Eye Color: black
[010] Piercings: none
[011] Tattoos: Want one of Kumagoro. But nooooo, what monk with self-respect would have a TATOO?! -_-


[012] What color pants are you wearing? Dark green...or black. Who gives a shit?
[013] What song are you listening to? Sleepless Beauty
[014] What taste is in your mouth? Wouldn't you like to know. ;)
[015] What's the weather like? Dark.
[016] How are you? Annoyed slightly, a little bit lonely and curious.


[017] Get motion sickness? no
[018] Have a bad habit? Smoking, drinking, basically everything one would go to hell for.
[019] Get along with your parents? Try to avoid them.
[020] Like to drive? MY MOTORCYCLE! VROOOOOOM!! -fanboy mode-


[021] TV Show: nothing really.
[022] Conditioner: who cares?!
[023] Book: The most graphic of Aniki's novels I can get my hands on.
[024] Magazine: I guess some music mags where I snatch up more NG stuff.
[026] Alcoholic Drink: not really a preference
[027] Thing to do on the weekend: I would be truthful but small children might be reading this...
[028] Band/Singer: If you don't this, I will kill you.


[029] Broken the law: don't keep track, meh.
[030] Ran away from home: Why else do you think I go vroom down to Tokyo at every chance I get?!
[031] Snuck out of the house? YUP!
[032] Ever gone skinny dipping? Yessums
[033] Made a prank phone call? No one fun in Kyoto to mess with.
[034] Ever tipped over a porta potty? Well, one time at this NG concert after a few too many pixy stix and a swig of bottled water that tasted rather funny...
[035] Used your parent's credit card before? Yes
[036] Skipped school before? Yes
[037] Fell asleep in the shower/bath? No. wtf?
[038] Been in a school play? I think once I had to be a king of somesort in the third grade....
[039] Let a friend cry on your shoulder? ...


[040] Boyfriend: I wish it were....damn it you should know!!
[041] Girlfriend: --
[042] Sexuality: I like whoever, rather gender-blind I am.
[043] Children: No way in HELL do I want one.
[044] Current crush: *ANIME FALL*
[045] Been in love? See above
[046] Had a hard time getting over someone? Not particularily
[047] Been hurt? Yes
[048] Your greatest regret: Being a dumbass in general...then I remember I'm sexy, who cares.
[049] Gone out with someone you barely knew? OHHHH yeah.


[050] Do you have a job? -_- Hate it. Not even a job. F-IN TEMPLE!!!1~
[051] What's in your CD Player? Nittle Grasper, you fool!
[052] If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Black I guess, 'cause I wear a lot of dark stuff.
[053] What makes you happy? Music and freedom
[054] Who makes you the happiest? Shuichi and Ryuichi and Bad Luck and Nittle Grasper in general minus that psychotic fucktard, Tohma! ^_^
[055] What's the next CD you're gonna get? Next CD by BL/NG, duh.
[056] Who do you consider good friends? Shuichi. That's the gist of it, I don't have many friends. Hiorshi seems nice though.
[057] What do you like to do? Whatever.


[058] Time you cried? I dunno
[059] You got a real letter? No frikin clue.
[060] Thing you purchased?: Red Bull...-_-
[061] TV program you watched? Fencing at the bar?
[062] Movie you saw in theaters? Revenge of the Sith, ROWR! McGregor-san is so much like Sakuma-sama....MEOW! ;D

[063] Abortion: Pro-choice
[064] Teenage smoking: let people make thier owns desicions and worry about thier own desicions unless it directly hurts/effects you, otherwise stfu.
[065] The Spice Girls: Ginger was really, really hot.
[066] Dreams: The wacky shit that goes on when you sleep?


[067] Kissed your cousin? No, thank all Gods.
[068] Ran away? Kinda.
[069] Pictured your crush naked? LMAO Oh yeah baby ;]
[070] Actually seen your crush naked? ...."Encore" Live by Nittle Grasper, I love you.
[071] Broken someone's heart? Not to my knowledge. May have pissed off Ayaka RE: Eiri a few times but she got over it.
[072] Been in love? *ANIME FALL #3*
[073] Cried when someone died? I don't remember.
[074] Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have? ...
[075] Broken a bone? I dunno. I prefer to sun my childhood memories. x_x
[076] Drank alcohol? Yes
[077] Lied? I'm a fabulous liar.
[078] Cried in school? I think when I graduated Grade 8....


[079] Coke or Pepsi: Either or
[080] Sprite or 7up: both suck
[081] Girls or Guys: PSH WHO CARES
[082] Flowers or Candy: Candy
[083] Scruff or Clean Shaven: Clean shaven
[084] Quiet or Loud: loud, Loud, LOUD!!!!
[085] Blondes or Brunettes: Who fucking cares?
[086] B****y or Slutty: Again, I say ^
[087] Tall or Short: It's all good.
[088] Pants or Shorts: PANTS


[089] What do you notice first? Voice
[090] Last person you slow danced with? o_o;
[091] Worst question to ask? Would you like that by category, or in alphabetial order?


[092] Your good luck charm? My Ryu plsuhie?
[093] Person you hate the most? Aizawa, Tohma (Why did I ever trust him to begin with, if only for 10 minutes?), kinda Aniki depending on my mood.
[094] The best thing that has happened to you today? Getting to meet Nakano in person.
[095] Your favorite movie? o0
[096] Your favorite subject in school? I hate all the subjects
[097] Your favorite season? Winter. MY BIRTHDAY BITCHES
[098] Makes you laugh the most? Drunken Aniki maybe.


[099] Sit by the phone, waiting for a phone call all night? No
[100] Save AIM conversations? wtf is AIM?
[101] Save e-mails? naw
[102] Wish you were someone else? Yes
[103] Wish you were a member of the opposite sex? Sometimes, out of sheer curiosity, yes.
[104] Cried because of someone's mean words? Not since 1st grade


[105] Cologne: ...
[106] Perfume: wtf
[107] Kisses: ....the ones with clean breath?
[108] Romantic Memory: Does first starting to like Sakuma count?


[109] You touched? Nakano when I was on the back of his "shiny" and I had to hold on or falling off would ensue.
[110] You talked to? Nakano
[111] You hugged? See 109 I guess
[112] You IMed? --
[113] You kissed? ...TV, when Sakuma was on it. ^^;
[114] You laughed with? Aniki....
[115] You yelled at? Tohma


[116] Color your hair? No
[117] Own a webcam? I wish.
[118] Own a thong? Yes
[119] Ever get off the darn computer? Yessums
[120] Sprechen sie Deutche? um what?
[121] Habla Espanol? o_o
[122] Quack? HELL YES


[123] Smoke? Yes
[124] Schizophrenic? No
[125] Obsessive? Yes
[126] Compulsive? Can be
[127] Obsessive compulsive? I hope not. O_O
[128] Panic? YES
[129] Anxiety? Not really
[130] Depressed? Nuuuu.
[131] Suicidal? No
[132] Obsessed with hate? No
[133] If you could be anywhere, where would you be? Somewhere I'm wanted and get friends and respect.
[134] Can you do anything freakish with your body? xD
[135] Would you vote for a woman candidate for president? I'm not American, moron!
[136] Would you marry for money? ... Yes.
[137] Have you had braces? Nope
[138] Could you live without a computer? Yea
[139] Do you use Instant Messangers? occasionally
[140] If you could live in any past, where would it be? A ling time ago? in a galaxy far far away?
[141] Do you wear white socks? Mostly
[142] Do you wear shoes in the house? No
[143] What is your favorite fruit? Strawberry
[144] Do you eat wheat bread or white? all good
[145] What is your favorite place to visit? TOKYO!!!!1~
[146] Are you photogenic? Yes, I'm hot!
[147] Are you wearing nail polish? No
[148] Do you have dimples? en oh
[149] Why do you take surveys? bordom
[150] Did you like or do you like high school? Hate it.
[151] Do you have an accent? Who cares?
[152] Is a flat stomach important to you? meh.
[153] Are you loyal? I can be.
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