Tatsuha Uesugi (pervy_fanboy) wrote,
Tatsuha Uesugi

Writing Sample

Well, here is my writing sample. I'm not fully sure on where Tatsuha lives, with his parents or elsewhere, so for now he lives on his own in an apartment. This is just a random morning for him.


The sun, already fully risen, leaked through the window into my bedroom. Not fully awake, my thoughts floated over into a fantasy. The stage lights illuminated me as Noriko and Tohma began to play. Not soon after, I comandeered the microphone and began to sing the greatest song in the world -

- I was not singing Stairway To Heaven, you asshole. Think, what's the other greatest song in the world? In fact, Stairway is really the OTHER greatest song, because, come ON! Everyone knows Sleepless Beauty is THE greatest! So, there I was on stage, belting out Beauty in front of screaming fans, and right there at my side, singing with me is Ryuichi. My honey, my god, my reason for life, my everything! And Ryu still has his perfect voice, and there I am, and I actually sound good for once when I'm out of the shower.

Then, some asshole outside decides to let his overgrown drooling mutt chase after a cat at the most ungodly level of volume one fanboy can stand. Concert fantasy, meet goodbye kiss.

Crawling out of bed I pull a comb through my hair, then as casually I pull on my clothes, which messes up my hair slightly and defeats the purpose of combing it. Then I do the mundance task of pulling on shoes and socks which isn't all that interesting so I won't elbarate. If my Kumagoro pattern socks weren't dirty, it would be interesting...

Once I'm out on the street, I pull the to-do list I made up last night:

Things For Tatsu To Do

-Pester Bro
-Visit Shuichi -- Check up with him, blah blah (possible Ryu geek-out?)
-Pester Tohma& Sis
-Talk to Mr. K about his weapons (Need Mace and/or Pepper Spray for mosh pit at N-G concerts)
-Pester Bro more (maybe Ayaka?)

Yep, Today is gonna be a good day.
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